You know what makes a real, genuinely happy and whole person?

No, it is not achievement, recognition, money, possession, power, or fame.

For these second-rate, sadly inculcated, and deeply-ingrained definitions of success call for an exhausting life of constantly comparing, chasing, competiting, and contemplating how to get ahead. Only to get to the end stripped off of every single one of these superficial, depreciating frills.

It’s not putting someone else’s wants and needs before yours either. It is not sacrificing for people or causes you care about the most.

A bit of selflessness looks, feels, and is, for the most part, good, for it gives you a sense of purpose. But happiness? Be honest. Not always, right? Especially when it starts to put a toll on your own health, sanity, financial security…your wellbeing.

Happiness does not involve anyone or anything else but yourself. For what makes a person truly happy, is enlightenment. Having wisdom.

Knowing when, and having the ability, to pull your focus and energy off anyone or anything that is not in lined with your True Self. The second you are not being honest with yourself, your desires and intentions, is the very second you welcome misery in your life.

Happiness is a mindset, an attitude, a discipline, a lifestyle. To ellaborate, it is how you perceive, how you choose to react or behave, how you train yourself and develop…it is how you live your life. You are either capable of it or not. You either want it or not. You are either it or not. It’s your choice.

The sooner you get this, the sooner you stop blaming others, or circumstances, for your unhappiness. The more you accept that happiness is within you, the less you try and look for it “out there”: other people’s validation, a particular possession, title, religion or any other institution, goal, person, or place.

I’m not saying happiness is everything and should be the guiding light of all of humanity. But being a happy, positive person is a damn good start, especially ’cause energy is highly contagious. In fact, we’re made of it. So what sort of energy would you like to spread around, or be? One that is inspiring and uplifting, or one that you, and other people, would rather live without?

So go ahead, spend time with yourself, be courageous enough to look within you, and get to know yourself, over and over again if you have to, if it means you gain insight, wisdom…enlightenment. Only then you can become as genuine as you can be. Only then you learn how to be the person who, and create a life that, makes you truly happy.